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Scrap Metal Reporting

Recycler Reporting System is a revolutionary software system that is a simple and cost effective solution for Scrap Yards in the state of Arizona to report the purchases of metals to the AZ Department of Public Safety.

With the rise of metal theft, states are putting Scrap Yards on the front line on the war against Metal Theft.

States like Arizona, are passing laws that are requiring Scrap Yards to collect information on each metal purchase they make and then report it to the DPS.

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AZ Mandatory Electronic Submissions

The state of Arizona has revised the Metal Theft Law and soon all metal purchases must be reported electronically to the AZ Department of Public Saftey within 24 hours of when the purchase is made.

Recycler Reporting System can help automate the submissions of your metal theft reports by helping you collect the needed information and electronically submit your reports to the AZ Department of Public Saftey.

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